I like using a wide range of cameras and gear whether it be a higher end SLR or a cell phone camera.  I'm a believer in the fact that any camera is a good camera.  



Sony A7

The Sony A7 was my first jump into full frame digital photography and I certainly love most aspects of the camera.  With extremely fast phase detect AF and great low light performance, this camera will likely be my "all around" camera and my go to for street photography.  Kit lenses have a bad reputation but the kit 70mm lens that comes with this camera easily outperforms most $1000 lenses.


Pentax K1

The Pentax K1 paired with a Pentax 50mm 1.4 FA lens is now my PRIME camera. Not as fast as the A7 with auto focus scenarios, it outperforms everything else I have by a far margin. Sensor shift on a tripods creates images pushes near medium format resolution. 



Sony A5000

Sony A5000 is my current top street photography option when I need stealth. 



Galaxy S8

HTC One M7




Sony SLT A65V 2010-2017

Canon Digital Rebel 2004-2010

Panasonic Lumix LX5 2011-2017

iPhone 6 Plus 2015-2017