I like using a wide range of cameras whether it be a higher end SLR or a cell phone camera.  I'm definitely a believer in the fact that any camera is a good camera.  




Sony A7

The Sony A7 is my first jump into full frame photography and I certainly love most aspects of the camera.  With extremely fast phase detect AF and great low light performance, this camera will likely be my "all around" camera and my go to for street photography.   




Sony SLT-A65V

I purchased the A65 a few years back and have used it extensively. I strictly use a 50mm 1.8 prime lens with this camera for portraits and landscapes. I'm considering upgrading the lens to a 50mm 1.4 in the future and continuing to use this.  Sadly, 65s are not easy to find now and most people want more for them than what they cost new.  Hopefully this one will last me a long while yet.   


Sony A5000






Panasonic LUMIX LX5

The LX5 is my travel and pocket camera.  While pocketable, the range of features make it one of the best compact cameras on the market.  I had considered upgrading to an LX7 but the difference between the 5 and 7 are very minimal.  The ability to shoot in RAW with a pocketable camera is definitely a big advantage of this series.  If I ever do upgrade this camera, I'd likely replace it with a Sony RX100 M3.



iPhone 6 Plus

HTC One M7




Yashica 35 Electro GSM

Polaroid 2100 BF

Holga 120N (Medium Format)