kezinS: Blog en-us 2003-2018 Will Snizek (kezinS) Thu, 08 Feb 2018 17:42:00 GMT Thu, 08 Feb 2018 17:42:00 GMT kezinS: Blog 120 120 Paper Decided to start a new series on "Paper" which will be primarily photos I stage of paper crafts and Origami created by Jaxon Leftwich. I'm moving further away from doing a lot of portrait work and plan to focus more on street photography, objects (like paper crafts) and landscapes this year. 


Paper on Brick Paper craft folded from Post It notes by Jaxon Leftwich. Photo by Will Snizek.

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WV Summer

Prince WV

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Abandoned Places

Cranberry, WV

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Minimum Shutter Speeds Found a helpful graphic on the topic for the proper shutter speeds to be using for sharp images. I'd say it's definitely not accurate for all people doing handheld photography.  A lot depends on hand shake and your ability to hold a camera properly to avoid it. 



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Thurmond, WV

Near ghost town. Southern WV

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Recent Portrait f. Michelle Perfectly Made Triplett

Charleston, WV. 2017 Portrait by Kezins

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Retouched Color Film Look I love going back and editing old photos to see if I can come up with better post processing than I did originally.  That's definitely the case with this set. Using only Lightroom, I lightly adjusted this photo series to have a color film look.  The results were definitely great. 



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Portrait Using Mixed Media Scan Mixed Media scanned in for texture + photoshop.  I love experimenting with digital creations.

Crystina Mixed Media Scan + Photoshop

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Group Photography Get Together In Prince, WV Bethany Lucas - model Photo taken at Army Camp in Prince, WV


Put together a small photography get together the other day down in Prince, WV which turned out to be an excellent location for portraits.  We did most of the shooting at Army Camp and the Prince train station.  Definitely check out the gallery of photos at the link below.  Despite the rain and crazy weather that day, I was abled to produce 105 edited images.

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